Connected Lockers

What it Does

The SRX Lockers control, allow, and restrict access to parts and assets, keep track of on-hand inventory levels, monitor min/max levels, and automatically transmit replenishment requests to suppliers.

  • Monitor who, what, when and where
  • Control, allow, and restrict access
  • Reduce Consumption, shrinkage, and downtime

How It Does It

The process is simple and automated because the vending machine is connected through the cloud to SRX software and suppliers.

  • Multiple door configurations
  • Weighted and non-weighted shelf configurations
  • Assets and consumables
  • Access from any device
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SRX Connected Locker


SRX Smart Shelf
Smart Shelves/Weighted Trays

Standard Machine Configurations

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  • Run on a computer, phone, tablet, or any other Internet connected device
  • Increase productivity and product visibility
  • Wirelessly issue products from anywhere in the world
  • Build allocation codes to track product usage by department, cost center, work order and much more
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How It Works

WMI list

Load VMI List for
your customer.

SRX app

Configure your lockers and load inventory.

User issue parts

Users issue parts. Locker door opens. SRX tracks usage.

Streamline reordering

Review reorder list and submit it as a quote or order.

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