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Storeroom Logix knows your business changes. SRX Analytics processes real-time data captured from SRX hardware along with data from the Distributor Portal like stocking levels, product lead times and the delivery days to provide a suggested min and max level for all VMI parts. Eliminate the risk of dead inventory and stock- outs. Storeroom Logix will alert you with suggestions, so you are always a step ahead.

SRX Analytics will also calculate and alert users of potential cost saving opportunities from consolidation opportunities to obsolete product management.

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How It Works

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Savings Calculator

Our Savings Calculator allows you to evaluate the cost savings of using the SRX platform over traditional management practices.

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SRX Pricing

Storeroom Logix’s dynamic pricing model lets you pay as go, based on what is being used. Start small and add as you grow.

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Reorder all of your VMI inventory through one website. Streamline your workflow and allow multiple distributors to use the same hardware.

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