SRX Lockers

Control and Configurability for your inventory transactions.

Storeroom Logix Lockers lets you store critical spares, assets and other inventory in a secure location, anywhere.  SRX Lockers offers full control and transparency of your inventory, so you can control access to products or require user input during the checkout process.

Our lockers can be configured on-site, with or without weight sensors. The weight sensor technology allows users to setup multiple SKUs in each locker and track exactly what is being issued during every transaction.

SRX lockers are distributor agnostic, so customers can grant locker door access to different distributors, optimizing the space within each locker.

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How It Works

WMI list

Load VMI List for
your customer.

SRX app

Configure your lockers and load inventory.

User issue parts

Users issue parts. Locker door opens. SRX tracks usage.

Streamline reordering

Review reorder list and submit it as a quote or order.

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