SRX RFID Solutions

Full traceability of our inventory.

Full traceability of your inventory that works with the current setup of any storeroom.

Storeroom Logix RFID solution is a fast, reliable, and fully managed inventory platform that makes it easy to tag inventory and transact product usage. The core of solution is the purpose-built, high- performance RFID Tower optimized for reading SRX RFID tags as they are being added, issued, or returned to the inventory area. With SRX RFID, users can view real-time usage data, see on-hand inventory, or perform full inventory audits in minutes.

SRX RFID software and hardware can also be configured by a customer to work with multiple distributor’s tags providing a fully managed inventory solution for an entire storeroom.

How It Works

load vmi list icon

Load VMI List for
your customer.

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Assign and deliver RFID tagged parts using the SRX app.

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Users take what they need and SRX software tracks usage.

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Review reorder list and submit it as a quote or order.

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