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Driven to improve efficiency and the VMI experience for customers and distributors.

Storeroom Logix emerged from an industrial distributor’s need to solve a problem. Like many distributors, we were not inventory management specialists. We would walk into a customer account with a blank sheet of paper and ask them to tell us what they needed. This led to a variety of processes companywide for managing VMIs. Our solution was to throw people, time, and money at setting up and maintaining a customer’s inventory. This was great until we started to look at the data and realized we were actually losing money at these accounts. Our operational costs were outgrowing our profit margins.

After five years of development, testing, and re-development we launched Storeroom Logix. Today, we are a technology company driven to find better ways to process and use data to help improve both the distributor’s and customer’s VMI experiences.

We Know Your Pain

Configure account

Lost and misplaced customer VMI lists.

Checking bins

Checking bins just to confirm the part is still there.

Dead Inventory

Dead Inventory and Stock-outs.

Lack of hardware

Lack of scalable and affordable VMI hardware.

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