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You're different...and so are we. We know the problems that inventory management causes and we’re obsessed with understanding your specific and unique problems. Then we solve them​.

Learn more about how to decrease inventory costs with our VMI solutions.
Learn about getting ahead of your vmi competition.
Learn about decreasing cost to deliver VMI.
Cost to Serve
Learn about cost reduction with the right VMI solutions.
Labor Costs
Learn how to decrease the cost to automate VMI.
VMI competition for distributors


Competition is fierce for distributors! Differentiating is critical and challenging.

Storeroom Logix gives you an almost unfair advantage by providing your customers with a superior service.​


Cost effective VMI solutions

Costs to Serve

Providing superior service often comes with additional cost. Not true with SRX.

Lower your costs by as much as 85% versus traditional VMI methods. ​


VMI can reduce the cost of labor

Cost of Labor

Labor cost can be the largest part of your cost to serve. Reduced by as much as 75% with SRX. By automating the process, involving your customer, and integrating into your ERP, labor costs disappear in multiple areas of your business.​


Storeroom Logiz and ILX integration

Costs to Automate

Integration Logix is a cloud-based platform that provides effortless and low-cost integration solutions with our easy point and click portal.  Use our pre-configured templates or build your own ... all with support from our ILX integration team.