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You're different...and so are we. We know the problems that inventory causes but we’re obsessed with understanding your specific and unique problems. Then we solve them​.

Learn more about decreasing unplanned downtime.
Learn more about decreasing inventory shrinkage.
Learn more about inventory consumption.
Learn more about better inventory control.


Learn more about gaining better inventory visibility.


Learn more about improving global supply chain problems.

Supply Chain


Unplanned downtime is expensive. And it's avoidable.  SRX reduces unplanned downtime, due to inventory, by as much as 36%.​


It is amazing but inventory consumption goes down by as much as 21% when it is being controlled.

Lack of Visibility

SRX dashboards and reporting provide insight on everything you want to know to optimize inventory performance. See company wide, business unit, location and activity…all the way down to individual part and user. ​