Equipment in Your VMI Solution

Integrating equipment within your VMI solution is good for your customers, your efficiency, your accuracy and your profit.

When it comes to inventory, your customers’ needs are simple; they want their inventory onsite when they need it. As a supplier, you want to satisfy your customer’s needs, make more money and retain their loyal business for as long as possible.

Good-bye Stockouts, Hello Profits

Many distributors have found that including equipment in their VMI offerings secures customer inventory and locks in customer relationships. Customers say good- bye to stockouts, shrinkage and downtime, and hello to visibility and control. That’s hello to higher profit, lower costs, and a long-term loyal customer who is dependent on your service.

Fastenal Sets Example

Fastenal has figured this out and added equipment to their VMI offering. Consider the noted facts below from their Q4 2022 investor presentation. In case you missed it, Fastenal signed 76 weighted devices per day. Per day! And that does not include vending machines, lockers, and RFID technology. A question you should ask yourself is whose former customers are Fastenal signing? Are they yours?

Your Customers' Superhero

A VMI offering that includes equipment makes you look like a superhero. Your customers will stop worrying about where stuff is, who took it, and why it’s not there when they need it most. They will be able to sleep at night and manage their inventory without lifting a finger during the day.

Benefits of Equipment + VMI Solutions

Here are some of the many benefits of utilizing equipment in a VMI solution:

Increased efficiency: Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to more time making money.
Improved accuracy: No more manual errors by using equipment in a VMI offering which helps to eliminate mistakes.
Reduced costs: By optimizing inventory levels, your VMI offering reduces excess inventory while avoiding stockouts and reducing the cost of expedited shipping.
Enhanced customer satisfaction: Your customers will smile all the way to the bank with improved product availability and real-time data provided by your VMI solution.

Your NeXt Move

In conclusion, utilizing equipment in your VMI offering offers numerous benefits for you and your customer. By improving efficiency, accuracy, reducing costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction, a VMI solution can help streamline your operations, increase profitability, and position you for long-term success.